Innovation facts

Our technology is a completely new method of water treatment for use in water supply to produce safe and clean drinking water, and can be used the same in cleaning industrial wastewater and sludge sediments. It is able to remove inorganic, organic, microbiological and radioactive contamination with nearly the same efficiency. During the treatment it does not generate any harmful by-products, which cannot be achieved by any of the currently known methods.

Used combination of electrochemical methods (electrocoagulation, electroreduction / electrooxidation) and advanced oxidation processes ((UV + ozone), (UV + H2O2)) and their selected combination, represents an original scientific contribution in the field of purification of the water. It is reflected in the reduction of chromate, nitrate and nitrite by electrochemical oxidation of ammonia / ammonium and organic contaminants created electrochemically reactive oxidative products, electro disinfection of water electrochemically generated reactive oxidative products, a decrease in conductivity, reducing the total dissolved solids, much faster deposition of sludge by application of electromagnetic fields and a significantly lower production of sludge.
It was found that most of the measured parameters, this method is successful in reducing the contaminants at the beginning of the processing. However, during the coagulation / flocculation electrochemically generated iron - and aluminum flocs and oxidation using ozone, some of the parameters are only partially removed. Critical parameters are ammonium, sulphates, conductivity and TDS. The main mechanism for their removal is the oxidation of reactive oxidative products formed in the reaction of ozone and UV radiation.

This method represents an original scientific contribution in the field of water treatment in general, to drinking and industrial waste water, and is reflected in the universality of application. It is able to purify a wide range of different types of impurities during processing in the inlet water, as opposed to the existing known methods generally eliminate one type of contaminants in the treated water.

In relation to the existing state of the art, our technology is competitive in terms of quality of treated water, the possibility of simultaneous removal of inorganic, organic, radioactive and microbiological contamination without the use of chemicals in the purification process, the total time and cost per cycle of treatment and the possibility of using renewable energy sources. During this process occurs much smaller amount of sewage sludge generated by the sludge quality for better attachment of impurities in the structure of flocs. This feature greatly simplifies its further way of processing and final disposal allows as inert waste.

  • Wastewater treated by Electrochemical Treatment gives potable, clear, colorless and odorless water
  • Electrochemical Treatment produces effluent with less TDS content as compared with chemical treatments and low TDS level contributes to a lower water recovery cost
  • Removes heavy metals and radionuclides down to the regulated values
  • Removes nitrates, nitrites and phosphates
  • Removes suspended and colloidal solids
  • Breaks oil emulsions in water
  • Removes fats, oil & grease
  • Removes complex organics
  • Destroys and removes bacteria, viruses & cysts
  • Meets discharge requirements
  • Processes multiple contaminants
  • Eliminates chemicals
  • Harvest proteins & oils from polluted water
  • and more...